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The Fourth Dimentional Spirituality

Three Dimension Life, Fourth Dimension Spirituality

Man is a three dimensional existence. As the one dimension belongs to the two-dimension, the moment three-dimension appear, it is incorporated and belong to the fourth dimension. God, a spiritual presence in the fourth dimension, created man in the world of three-dimension. Therefore, all people believing in God or not, belong to the fourth dimensional world. Since humans are all made in resemblance to God, man is able to recognize his belonging to the fourth dimension. For example, people can feel the eternity of time, think about the infinity of the universe, or have reflection on the invisible world. If people can recognize that they belong to the world of fourth dimension, people can become active in the fourth dimension world just as they are active in the three-dimensional world. Of course, we cannot see the activities done in the spiritual world, however we realize that, these spiritual activities are done in our every day life. These can be referred to as people’s “fourth-dimension spirituality” .

The Four Elements of the Fourth Dimension Spirituality

The fourth dimension spirituality consists of four elements “Thought, Faith, Dream, Spoken Word”. When people think wrongly that these elements only belong to the three-dimensional, they will wander in their life, not being able to go in the direction they want to go. These four elements are invisible to the eye and cannot be captured in the three-dimension, they are only visible in the fourth-dimension. When we recognize and use these elements correctly, our lives will be changed. In other words, if we change our fourth-dimension spirituality(Thought, Faith, Dream, Spoken Word), our third-dimension world will change accordingly.


Depending on how you think in the fourth dimension world, the result will be reflected in the three-dimension world. People of negative thoughts, will generate negative things in the three-dimensional world. If you think “I am no good. I cannot. I am unhappy and sad”, these thoughts will result in your three-dimensional body, life, and business .
On the other hand, people who think positively in anything, positive things will result in their three-dimensional world. To think, “I am healthy. I can do well. I’m happy.” will impact their three-dimension. 
We should be careful about the fact that, in the fourth-dimension world, there is no distinction between “I” and “you”. Because it is the world of the spirit, only message exists. For example, if you decide to hate someone, and think about revenge, you will induce the influence of revenge and hatred immediately into your own life. When you hate others, you will be the first one to be hurt. In addition, if you wish about a person to completely fail, the fourth dimension will transmit a message of “fail completely” to the three dimensional world and you will be the first one to start to fail.
So, you should never have any negative thoughts towards people nor to yourself, nor to any other thing. Let’s through away all negative thoughts, and change to positive thinking.


Faith is a very strong force that can change the third dimension through the fourth dimension. It is written in the Bible that, “as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” (Matthew 8:13), and “all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23). Where does faith come from? Everyone believes in something. For example, to believe that you are still alive tomorrow, is a kind of belief. However, there is no real foundation to that belief. The only foundation that you could think of is, that it was the case up to now, which is based on the third-dimension. “Faith” is as we can see when written in Chinese character “believe” and “seek to”. Rather than believing from what you see in the three-dimensional, you look up and believe based on God dwelling in the fourth-dimension. God gave us salvation through Jesus Christ. And the Holy Spirit was sent to those who believe this, so they can live a new spiritual life (please refer to the “Fivefold Gospel”). Through faith by the Holy Spirit, we can change the world of the third dimension.
So, faith is not what we may or may not have, but an absolute must-have. “I believe in Jesus who has saved me.” “Through the blood of Jesus, I believe that my sins have been forgiven.” ” I believe that the Holy Spirit came to me and has cleansed me. “”I believe that I was healed.” “I believe that I have been blessed.” If you believe and confess these, our life will start to be programmed by faith. Since the programming has changed, our life is definitely going to change.


Dream is what brings hope to the world of third dimension. Regardless of whether they believe in God or not, it is people who do not give up their dream that is going to change the world. Not by having vague thoughts, but by freely drawing specific dream in the invisible world, dream will program and guide our life. In other words, if life has not been programmed by the fourth dimension dream, there will be no hope in our third dimension world. However, when a dream comes from just personal desire or wrong greediness, that dream is under the influence of Satan. Such dream, even though it might temporarily be wonderful, will program our life and lead us eventually to ruin.
So, let’s draw dream in a heart sanctified by the Holy Spirit. No matter how difficult the situation is in the reality, if there is dream in your mind, the dream will rule the third dimension, and will change the situation. Fourth dimensional dream produces the blooming of the third dimensional dream. If programmed with righteous dream, your life will be rewritten and start to change from death to life, disorder to order, darkness to light, poverty to affluence. Changes come from the world of fourth dimension.

Spoken Word

The fact that only man has and use words in this world, represents the fourth dimensional characteristic of man. Because man can use words, civilization was able to be created and developed. No matter how strong and ferocious an animal is, it cannot create and develop a civilization.
If you hear the words of a person, you can see the person’s life to some extent. Successful people say that their wish has already come true. People who fail, speak about failure before starting to do anything. It is a mistake to speak of failure in the fourth dimension, and to expect success in the third dimension. Negative words, will negatively program yourself in the fourth dimension world. People who judge, criticize or speak ill of others, are drawing judgment, criticism, and evil-speaking to themselves. So the kind of words you speak is very important.
God, through the Word of the Bible, will lead us to be able to change. The Word of God is spirit and life. To recite the Word of God, and speak it, will set up the most effective program in our fourth dimension spirituality. People living that way, relying on the Word of God, will have their life completely changed and will experience miracles. When the pastor declares the Word of God from the pulpit, it has the power to shake the fourth dimension spirituality of people.
You also can become the hero of this miracle.It is never too late.

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