About us


Our Staff are…

    • Chairman of the Board Rev. David Yonggi Cho,D.D., D..Litt.
      Yonggi Cho
      Emeritus Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church
      President of Full Gospel World Mission
      President of Good People (NGO)
      President of DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission)
      President of Social Welfare Corporation Elim Welfare Foundation
      President of Institute of Church Growth International
      President of Graduate School & Bible College of Theology
    • Senior Pastor
      Shigaki Shigemasa
      Korea University BA
      Full Gospel Graduate School & College of Theology
      United Graduate School of Theology Yonsei University Th.M
      Executive Director of DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission)
      Board Member of Church Growth International
      Board Chairman of Full Gospel Graduate School & College of Theology
      Has been accompanying Reverend Yonggi Cho in his world mission for more than 30 years.

Thank you for visiting Full Gospel Tokyo Church.
Our church has been established by Yoido Full Gospel Church in Korea. This church is the headquarter for the goal of the salvation of 10 million lost souls in Japan.
We have made a great effort to proclaim the ‘Fivefold Gospel’, the ‘Threefold blessing’, and the ‘Fourth Dimensional Spirituality’ throughout all of Japan until this very day.Despite many difficulties and hardships throughout the last 30 years, our church continues to march forward on our foundation laid out by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our church will continue to be with believers who are determined to meet with God through the ‘Holy Spirit Movement’ of the ‘Full Gospel’, and are willing to follow God’s command of delegation to proclaim the gospel of Christ.
We kindly ask for your active support of prayer and love. We pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

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    General Affairs,Kinshicho Sanctuary

    Yang, Hyun-Keun

  • Sapporo Sanctuary

    Hwang, Manyong

  • Kawasaki Sanctuary

    Ko, Bokdeok

  • Youth Ministry

    Kang, Seyoung

  • Youth Ministry, Evangelistic & New Family Team

    Ogawa, Ryo

Ministry Leaders
    • Akikawa Prayer House

      Choi, Mikyong

    • South Ministry (Central, South, South-west)

      Choi, Jungja

    • Fujisawa Sanctuary

      Han, Taesun

    • Japanese School Ministry 2

      Kitajima, Ayako

    • Fuji Bethany Sanctuary

      Kyungmi, An

    • Japanese Ministry 1

      Adachi, Mayumi

    • Chinese Ministry

      Jin, Honghua

    • North, East Ministry (North, East, Ueno)

      Bae, Jungsook

    • West Ministry (Shinjuku, Nakano)

      Choi, Eunkyung

    • Nippori Sanctuary

      Sasaki, Eiko

    • Nara Sanctuary

      Yun, Kyungnye

    • 1

      Music Ministry

      Noguchi, Keumsuk

    • West Ministry Assistance

      Cho, Jeehyun

    • Interpretation Division

      Son, Kyungja

    • Theological Seminary

      Hong, Huaming

    • Tachikawa Sanctuary

      Sim, Haesun

    • Sign Language Ministry

      Kang, Boran