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Church Organization

Senior Deacon Ministry

The Senior Deacon Ministry observes the guiding principle of the church, follows the order of the worship service and helps & assists church staffs and members.
Prayer Meeting : Sunday 10:20am at 8F Senior Deacon Room
Monthly Meeting : Irregular basis

Grace Deaconess Ministry

Monthly Meeting : 4th Sunday at 12:30pm 3F Grace Deaconess Room
Contact : Deaconess Room 3F

Senior Deaconess Ministry

Monthly Meeting : 4th Sunday at 12:30pm 6F College Library
Contact : College Library 6F

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry supports missionary activities, evangelism, and church events. It also distributes the weekly bulletin.
Monthly Meeting : 2nd Sunday at 11:00am 2F Men’s Ministry Room
Contact : Men’s Ministry Room 2F

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry has been established for missionary activities and relief efforts. It participates and gives support to domestic& overseas missionary activities, gives assistance to branch sanctuaries, relief assistance activities, gospel transmission and supports the activities of the church. The Ministry provides guide service during the worship services.
Monthly Meeting : 3rd Sunday at 3:00pm 8F Women’s Ministry Room
Contact : Women’s Ministry 8F

Businessmen Ministry

Prayer Meeting : Sunday 12:30pm at 8F Businessmen Ministry Room
Monthly Meeting : 3rd Sunday at 12:30pm 8F Businessmen Ministry Room
Contact : Businessmen Ministry 8F

Media Ministry

Media Ministry has been established to transmit the Gospel of Jesus through the media and issues quarterly, the “Full Gospel Family Newspaper” (in Japanese, Korean & Chinese).
Contact : Newspaper Ministry 2F

IT Ministry

IT Ministry carries out missionary activies using IT and media. Maintains and updates church home page.
Contact : IT Ministry Room 1F


Choir Zion Sunday Worship Service 7:30am
Choir Immanuel Sunday Worship Service 9:00am
Choir Hosanna Sunday Worship Service 11:00am
Choir Tensei Sunday Worship Service 3:00pm
Choir Halleluyah Sunday Worship Service 2:40pm
Choir Gloria Wedsneday Worship Service 11:00am
Choir Bethlehem Wedsneday Worship Service 7:30pm
Choir Jerusalem Friday Night Service 8:00pm
Contact : Choir Room 3F

Agape Ministry

Agape Ministry provides meals at the church cafeteria every Sunday from 9am to 3pm.
Meals 300 yen, 100 yen coffee, the elderly and children are free of charge. The Ministry offers healthy, handmade meals for 300 persons.
Contact : 1F Cafeteria

Good People Ministry

Our mission is to deliver love to neighbors alienated from the world , and to places suffering from poverty, disease or disaster .
Monthly Meeting: Every Sunday at 1:00pm 8F Women’s Ministry Room
Contact : 8F Women’s Ministry

Clean-up Ministry

Cleaning Ministry conducts clean-up activities of the Sanctuary and the surrounding area of the church in order to protect the holyness of worship services as well as evangelizing the neighborhood through clean-up activities.
Clean-up Activities: Saturday 12:00~14:00 Meeting at 12:00 2F Entrance Lobby
Prayer Meeting:Saturday 14:00~ 8FSenior Deacon Room
Contact : 8F Senior Deacon Room

New Family Room

The New Family Room welcomes all visitors and new comers offering information about church and an introduction to the bible.
Prayer Meeting: Sunday at 11:00am 2F New Family Room
Contact : 2F New Family Room

Eevangelism Ministry Team

As Jesus told us to “go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” and gave us the Great Commandment, the evangelism ministry is undertaking evangelistic activities fervently.
Prayer Meeting: Every Sunday 12:30-13:00 at 6F Junior & Senior High School Room
Activity Schedule: Every Sunday 13:00-14:30 at 6F Junior & Senior High School Room
Contact : 7F Church Staff Room

Editorial Board of “FGTC 40 Year History”

Full Gospel Tokyo Church was founded in 1977, it will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. The Editorial Board is editing a 40-year history, full of hope. Please stay tuned.
Contact : 2F Newspaper Ministry

Publishing Department

The publishing department, is willing to help for the salvation of 10 million Japanese lost souls through document publication,i.e., the monthly “Shinange” (= in Korean “faith community”).
Contact : 2F Publishing Department

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