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2021/04/22News & Information

Thank you for your continued cooperation in preventing infection with the new coronavirus.

The Full Gospel Tokyo Church has taken various measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, and we would like to inform you again.

We ask for the cooperation to you all for the prevention of infection. The choir will be closed during April.

1. When you enter the church, please be sure to measure the temperature with the thermometer in the lobby on the 2nd floor.

2. Also, disinfect your hands with the automatic hand sanitizer at the lobby on the 2nd floor or at the entrance to the Church.

3. Please wear a mask and gloves. (Gloves are distributed at the entrance of the chapel.)

4. There are 5 seats in the middle and 2 seats on the wall side.

5. When the 3rd and 4th floor chapel are full, we will guide you to the 5th floor chapel, so please keep the same seat spacing on the 5th floor.

6. The worship service begins 5 minutes before the start time and is dedicated in 50 minutes. Please leave the church immediately after worship and refrain from chatting and especially eating and drinking.

7. Those who have a fever, those who have cold symptoms such as coughing, and those who have returned from abroad, please offer a Live worship service at home for two weeks.

8. In addition, at each worship service, our church takes various infection prevention measures such as spraying disinfectant solution on the seats, opening the door at all times, and installing an automatic disinfectant sprayer on the upper part of the chapel.

We pray for the rich blessings of the Lord to all who practice the love of Jesus who serve and care for each other so that worship is safe and focused to the Lord.

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