Church Activities

2016/04/22Church Activities

Congratulatory Speech by Senior Pastor Shigaki at “Fourth Dimention Spirituality” Service as the 58th Anniversary of Rev.Yonggi Cho Ministry.

Congratulatory speech by Senior Pastor Shigemasa Shigaki at Yoido Full Gospel Church, to commemorate the 58 years of Rev. Yonggi Cho’s ministry.


チョウヨンギ総裁牧師に挨拶する純福音東京教会の子供たち-2014Tokyo Jesus Festivalにて

Full Gospel Tokyo Church’ s Children greeting Chairman of the Board, Rev. Yonggi Cho -at Tokyo Jesus Festival 2014


Rev. Yonggi Cho and Senior Pastor Shigemasa Shigaki getting off the Nigerian Presidential Airplane arranged for their Crusade.


Chairman of the Board Reverend Yonggi Cho & Senior Pastor Shigemasa Shigaki praying with the President of Côte d’Ivoire

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